Account Security (Anti-cheating)

1. Some cheaters may create a name similar to that of a GM's and try to look like a GM or create a name with the symbol of IGG or the GM. Then, they may ask for information, password or items from players. Please notice that GM WILL NEVER ASK FOR PASSWORD FROM ALL THE PLAYERS. If you find such suspicious characters, please contact an online GM to take care of the problem.

2. Some cheaters may set a stall and sell items which are similar with those in the item mall so that they can obtain in-game money from players. For example, some cheaters in TOP sell Evil Wings to players. However, they are not Evil Wing's, they are Bra's Wings. PLAYERS SHOULD DOUBLE CHECK ALL THE ITEM INFORMATION BEFORE BUYING.

3. Cheaters may steal players' accounts and then ask for help from guilds in these accounts. PLEASE DON'T SHARE EQUIPMENT AND ITEMS WITH OTHER PLAYERS IN THE GAME.

4. When players are trading, they may be cheated by being given wrong items to take the place of the items they want to purchase, or less money especially when large numbers of trade amounts are involved. PLAYERS MUST CHECK THE ITEM AND AMOUNT OF THE IN-GAME COINS INVOLVED BEFORE THE DEAL.

5. Some players will use newbie accounts to get virtual currency or in-game items from other players. These players are called "Beggars". Players must draw a distinction between real newbies and "Beggars". Beggars will ask for virtual currency and in game items. While newbie players will ask for game information and help to level up.

6. In games like Voyage Century Online and Angles Online, providing players with stalls to trade, some players will set stalls to cheat. They will use one of their accounts to run a stall and sell items at a low price, while using another account to run a stall and buy these items at a high price. The truth is when players plan to sell items to the stall charging high prices for them; they will always fail due to not enough money available. Players who cheat do not plan to buy the item they sell at low price. WE RECOMMEND OUR PLAYERS MUST BE CAREFUL AND TRADE WITH PLAYERS PERSONALLY.

7. Like in Angles Online, some players will PM and send in game mails to ask players to offer them their passwords for big rewards in the name of Teams. GM WILL NEVER ASK FOR PLAYERS' PASSWORD UNDER ANY NAME OR BY ANY MEANS. If you are asked to give passwords to a third party, please contact Live Support immediately.