Account Security (Anti-hacked)

Dear players,

A small part of players have reported that their accounts had been stolen recently. And after deep investigation, we find most players who have their account stolen have underneath behaviors—using cheating program so that "trojan" applications for stealing account were installed on the computer; sharing account with others; neglecting of protecting the account information. The official hereby is providing suggestions to ensure the security of your account as follows:

1. It is recommended not to use assistant software so-called with powerful functions while playing game. Once you use assistant software to play or so-called botter, the account name and password you enter will be very likely to be sent to a remote server (Not IGG server). Then your account will be possible to be stolen anytime.

2. It is recommended not to log into unofficial website or link that is not authorized by us. All official sites are under the domain name:, so be cautious when you login the non-official websites.

3. The official will never ask players for account password or any other account information. Some players would use a username with "IGG or GM" as initial part to cheat in game. And once you reveal the account name and password to him/her, then your account will perhaps be stolen in short time. So please don't reveal any account information to others.

4. Players need to enter account name and password to log into the official forum. It is not the main reason that has account stolen. But don't fill in the mail address used in registering game account on the forum to avoid hacker's attack.

5. Don't reveal account information to others or share your account with others because it may bring unnecessary trouble or even make the account lost.

6. Don't download any software or so-called update game client that they are not in our official website.

7. Don't believe any mails that they are not from Some cheaters used so-called to cheat players' account and password information.

8. Please do not reply or submit any personal or account information to unidentified third party members. There have been reports of a few phishing attempts with scammers disguised as IGG representatives through communication networks, such as MSN and Skype, to obtain information to access our database. Understand that an official IGG representative will only contact players through player live support or a verified email address.

9. We strongly recommend you to purchase items from official item mall. The private real money trades are forbidden and easily deceived.

10. For security reasons, the answers to password questions should be complex. Simple answers are easily guessed and result in the stealling of your account. If your account has been stolen, please link to

The official has to remind players again not to reveal account information to others and lured by assistant program alleged with "powerful functions" to protect your own computer. Any assistant program used while playing game may bring unnecessary negative effect and even hidden trouble of account security!

Please look out for your account and resist cheating program in order to enjoy our games.

We have been working hard all the time!