IGG Customer Service Introductions

IGG Customer Service Introductions

(A) Live Chat:

Use live Chat for the following issues:

1. Download and installation problems 
2. Log-in Support
3. Support with activities
4. Support involving IGG Points (Excluding getPAID Problems)
5. Report about bad players or illegal behavior in-game

Please note: We will not interfere with any aspect of in game play unless there is a technical issue with the game itself. If you have questions about how to play, we can offer some basic guidance, but we will not give detailed explanations of strategies or other advice on the best way to play.

(B) Ticket Service:

You can use the Ticket service support approach for the following:

1. Bug reports
2. Data issues
3. Incorrect or outdated website information
4. Game ideas and suggestions
5. getPAID Problems

(C) E-mail Service:

This is our most widely used channel for customer support. You can send any problems involving the game you are playing to our GMs via the in-game e-mail system. Simply send a message to the GM's mailbox.

(D) Forums Channel:

The forums were created as a place for players to exchange ideas with other gamers, as well as developers. This is where players can go in their spare time to talk about their in-game experiences or just to engage in a lively conversation with other players.

(E) FAQ Center:

The FAQ center offers solutions to some of the more common problems that players may be experiencing. Simply put in your question, and you can search for the answer you need.

Our staff is highly committed to resolving customer service inquiries, and the following is a list of what we aim to provide the players with:

1. Our game masters are available for 24/7 service.
2. Our game masters offer prompt replies when Live Chat issues come up.
3. Our game masters will collect Self Service issues and forward them to the appropriate staff, with a target reply time of 3 days or less.
4. Our game masters will collect E-mail issues and forward them to the appropriate staff, with a target reply time of 3 days or less.
5. Our game masters will abide by the GM Responsibilities that have been set for them.
6. If you are not satisfied with our customer service from GMs, you can send a letter to complaintsns@igg.com. This department is specifically around for focusing on addressing customer complaints. Our supervisory department generally replies within 3 days.